Writing a debatable claim examples

High School Statutory Authority: Reading, where students read and understand a wide variety of literary and informational texts; Writing, where students compose a variety of written texts with a clear controlling idea, coherent organization, and sufficient detail; Research, where students are expected to know how to locate a range of relevant sources and evaluate, synthesize, and present ideas and information; Listening and Speaking, where students listen and respond to the ideas of others while contributing their own ideas in conversations and in groups; and Oral and Written Conventions, where students learn how to use the oral and written conventions of the English language in speaking and writing. The standards are cumulative--students will continue to address earlier standards as needed while they attend to standards for their grade. In English I, students will engage in activities that build on their prior knowledge and skills in order to strengthen their reading, writing, and oral language skills.

Writing a debatable claim examples

I write off-the-wall fictionand Righteous Seduction concerns next-generation game. My blog concerns "deplorable" politics, game, and my writing projects.

It allows someone to cheaply gain social status—and sometimes money—through comments or displays that are easy to make in place of genuine activism or work.

Many corporations have enthusiastically embraced affirmative action policies, put on gay pride events, ostentatiously celebrate diversity, and writing a debatable claim examples forth—a clear endorsement of these things.

writing a debatable claim examples

Virtue-signaling by celebrities tends to resemble groupthink and trendy blather. By corporations, it seems like spineless pandering. Still, the picture is more complicated than that. The rabbit hole goes pretty deep. He listed several examples; here are a few: At the beginning of the twenty-first century, it ought to be obvious that the dominant powers and authorities in the United States and other Western countries are either indifferent to the accelerating racial and cultural dispossession of the historic peoples of America and Europe or are actually in favor of it.

Now this one is just weird: Some years ago the Budweiser company sponsored a series of advertisements that helped popularize and legitimize various myths of Afrocentric propaganda, such as the claims that the Semitic Carthaginian general Hannibal, various kings of ancient Egypt, and the last Macedonian queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, were all Negroes—claims known to be preposterously contrary to historical fact.

Why would promoting Afrocentric theory—a screwy academic fad by leftist professors—be in their corporate agenda? A more evocative question is, did they consider whether in-your-face distortion of history might turn off their existing customers? Politics is downstream of culture, and Francis argues that those who hold the reigns of opinion-forming institutions are more powerful than elected officials.

Then he discusses motivations, of which I have some further observations.

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According to the Wiki page: InRothblatt launched the Terasem Movementa transhumanist school of thought focused on promoting joy, diversity, and the prospect of technological immortality via mind uploading and geoethical nanotechnology. Through a charitable foundation, leaders of this school convene publicly accessible symposia, publish explanatory analyses, conduct demonstration projects, issue grants, and encourage public awareness and adherence to Terasem values and goals.

She also created Lifenaut. Gabriel is a pastor for the Terasem Movement. Perhaps the Powers That Be require conformitycondoning politicized Oscars speeches and punishing off-message utterances harshly.

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Still, some celebrity antics are difficult to imagine unless personal conviction is involved; method acting only gets you so far. Music industry figures are also well-known for political poses, odd personal choices that ostentatiously display their politics, and the like.

How sincere are they, really? Sam Francis goes on to say: One of the major differences between the theory of elites [by Mosca and Pareto] and simpleminded conspiracy theories is that the latter almost always postulate hidden groups of conspirators who do not believe in the ideas they use to gull and manipulate the masses.

In elite theory, political formulas tend to become ideologies that take on a life of their own and push behavior of their own accord, without conscious or deliberate fraud or calculation of interests by those who accept them.

The boundless hypocrisy of leftists would make even a televangelist blush. Either way, the practical results for society are the same.

Still, Francis was spot-on about ideologies taking on a life of their own. Cultural Marxism did, in fact, start as a Communist conspiracy by the Frankfurt School to weaken American society.

This spread through academia and the media, creating the crazy s counterculture. By the s, cultural Marxism memes permeated society and became politically correct orthodoxy, even though Russia was no longer Communist by then. The culture-destroying agenda Following a discussion about the transition of power from the old American elite to what James Burnham called the managerial classFrancis describes the type of world the globalists want: But in addition to the family, the managerial class simply does not need other traditional institutional structures to maintain its power— not the local community, not religion, not traditional cultural and moral codes, not ethnic and racial identities, and not even the nation-state itself.§ Implementation of Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for English Language Arts and Reading, High School, Beginning with School Year Chapter 2.

How do I generate and position my ideas? Sandra Collins. For many graduate students, especially those who have not attended university in a number of years, the thought of writing a page research paper is quite overwhelming.

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2 Chapter 2. How do I generate and position my ideas? Sandra Collins. For many graduate students, especially those who have not attended university in a number of years, the thought of writing a page research paper is quite overwhelming.

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