Vimala alphabet handwriting analysis

The focus of this book is to guide you, the reader, in allowing your hidden gifts, ideas, and abilities to tumble forth -- treasures that you tucked away early on.

Vimala alphabet handwriting analysis

The Vimala Alphabet, developed by Vimala Rodgers, is designed to "rewire" the neuropathways in your brain in such a way that your self-image is improved through the dropping of negative thought patterns that have become part of your subconscious mind.

Just as negative thought patterns and suppressive influences usually brought about during childhood create "blockages" and a negative self-image that can hold us back in life without us even realizing thisby changing your hand writing you can reverse these aspects by retraining those aspects of your brain and freeing you from old patterns.

Various contextual elements of your handwriting word spacing, margin spacing, direction of stroke endings, size of writing, and more as well as the way that letters are formed each one indicating a range of factors, such as self confidence, a lack of motivation, etc.

Should you decide to learn the Vimala Alphabet and undertake the important task of reconfiguring negative patterns in your subconscious mind, you will soon discover that it can be most rewarding, and these 10 tips will help to get you to your goals: Log Your Progress Be sure to write down the reasons why you wish to change your handwriting.

Certain letters will be related to certain issues that you have and may wish to change information on each letters meaning and personal application can be found in Vimala Rogers book, Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life.

Write down how you feel about these issues and how they affect you, before you begin. Mark Your Progress By marking your progress on a calendar, you have a visible and tangible goal to work towards. Mark the date by which you wish to learn each new element or elementsplacing a cross on each day as you move closer.

Usually, 21 days is the magic mark for sticking with a habit.


By using a blank page you remove your comfort zone and challenge your brain to learn something new. Understand what each letter does for you, and pick the most important ones that align with how you would like to change or progress. Then, starting from most important to least important, start with no more than two letters and practice those exclusively, incorporating them into your existing handwriting style.

It depends on the individual how much tweaking is required, the more difficult the change, the deeper the subconscious pattern and the bigger the reward.

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This is not a race, your existing patterns were built up over time and changing them will take time too. Pick at least minutes each done where you will be able to practice your new handwriting without being disturbed. For some people this may require waking up earlier. One of the best methods is to practice before going to bed each night, which helps to insert the images into your subconscious mind as you go to sleep.

vimala alphabet handwriting analysis

Horizontal Over Vertical As stated before, leaving your comfort zone is the best way to rewire those neuropathways. A simple change such as this can go a long way when it comes to retraining your brain.

Start with a row of the letter you have chosen in capital form, then a row in lower case form. Then write a row of words starting with the chosen letter, a row of words that contain the letter in the middle, then a row that end with the letter.

Relish in the fact that you are taking control of your life and making important changes that will greatly improve how you see yourself.

Think of the positive results that you are aiming for and believe that they will come about. Enjoy the idea of yourself being a confident public speaker, or having a much higher self esteem, whatever your particular goals may be.

This type of attitude will see them materialize at an even faster rate. Just from changing visual markings on a page? It illustrates exactly how to form each letter which cannot always be determined just from seeing the Vimala Alphabet and offers plenty of information on contextual elements as well as what each letter can do for you and how to apply it personally.

It may take some work and discipline, but once these changes hold fast to your subconsciousness, you will realise that the effort was well worth the reward.Soul Development Through Handwriting: The Waldorf Approach to the Vimala Alphabet by Crebbin, Jennifer.

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The Vimala Alphabet - Change Your Handwriting


Soul Development through Handwriting includes: A summary the Waldorf method of teaching writing to young children. Ideas for introducing the Vimala Alphabet into different grades. Details on using the Vimala Alphabet as a transformative tool for children.

Vimala Rodgers (Sounds True) Interactive Learning Kit / 2 CDs 1. 26 cards. financial planners. landscape gardeners Meet Vimala Rodg~rs Director of the International Institute of Handwriting Studies (IIHS) and a zealous pioneer in brain/hand research.

computer scientists. Free Handwriting Worksheets (alphabet handwriting worksheets, handwriting paper and cursive handwriting worksheets) for Preschool and Kindergarten. These worksheets are for coloring, tracing, and writing uppercase and lowercase letters.

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The Transformational Power of Handwriting

"Our handwriting is a graphic representation of our interpretation of life, indicating how we feel about ourselves and how this feeling affects our view of those around us. Find this Pin and more on Handwriting by Zulia Arbon. The Vimala Alphabet and Affirmations to change your life.

vimala alphabet handwriting analysis
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