Thesis solar radiation

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Thesis solar radiation

Rankine rotary expansion generator.

Thesis solar radiation

David Wells and I have discussed the use of these expanders for use in Rankine engines. Here is my concept. Take a Copeland Scroll Compressor complete with its 3 phase induction motor almost off the shelf. This complete assembly is in a sealed metal container. If high pressure gas is connected to the expander it rotates and applies torque to the induction motor.

The induction generator can be directly connected to the power grid. One disadvantage of using the Copeland unit is the inability to use steam. The induction generator and bearings are exposed to the working fluid. Steam will destroy these components. This requires fluids other than steam.

Butane or pentane are also candidates. These fuel gases are a much better choice than the standard refrigerants primarily because of cost but also because they are non ozone depleting gases. The total system must be completely sealed to retain the gases. These gases are compatible with refrigeration oils which are used for scroll and bearing lubrication.

The oil is pumped from the low pressure sump to the inlet where it passes through the scroll. This pump operates continuously whenever the expander is turning to provide lubrication.

Some of the oil will pass through the boiler as dissolved oil in the fluid and return as a mist which also passes through the scroll. The boiler must be designed properly to prevent oil accumulation. One method could be the use of float type oil separators in low trap sections that let the oil pass through to the boiler outlet.

A second pump pressurizes the condensate and injects it into the solar boiler. The quantity of fluid injected is regulated by the quantity of fluid in the boiler. The objective is to make sure that the boiler is not so full as to let liquid pass out of the boiler and into the expander.

This would be called liquid slugging and is detrimental to the expander. The oil used in the system must be capable of sustained operating temperatures in excess of F. The solar boiler has some special requirement and advantages over fired boilers. One of the biggest advantages of the solar boiler is the absence of high temperature corrosive flue gases.

If a fired boiler looses its water it could fail from high temperature weakening of the steel. The solar boiler will typically never get hot enough to be damaged. One of the biggest problems is caused when the sun is intermittently covered by clouds.

Fired boilers generally have steady heat inputs. A small amount of thermal storage in the collector is desirable. Several people have suggested that the best solar boiler be constructed of large diameter stainless steel tubing wound into a loose coil of a few turns.

Thesis solar radiation

This tubing is then cast inside a heat spreader of aluminum 2 inches thick. The aluminum has a large thermal mass which holds enough heat for several minutes of operation.

Solar Photovoltaic Projects

The aluminum has high thermal conductivity which evens out the heliostat influx variations. I am looking into aluminum casting shops to inquire about the cost of such a receiver.

The shape for my system would be about 2.After yesterday’s post about what determines temperature, I thought I would revisit one of the most convincing evidences of Earth’s greenhouse effect.. As I’ve mentioned before, a handheld infrared thermometer is a great little tool to help gain physical insight into the thermal radiative (infrared) effect the atmosphere has on surface temperature.


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), "Drying Granular Solids in a Packed Bed Using Solar Energy A Transient Heat and Mass Transfer Model Specifically Applied to. CALCULATING SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC POTENTIAL ON RESIDENTIAL ROOFTOPS IN KAILUA KONA, HAWAII By Caroline Carl A Thesis Presented to the FACULTY OF THE USC GRADUATE SCHOOL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA In Partial Fulfillment of the Solar radiation can be harnessed and converted to electricity by .

best design an individual heating unit based on solar energy was initiated in This solar heating unit is a so-called smart solar heating unit in the sense that it adjust its heated water volume according to forecasts of the heat consumption of the household and of the available solar energy.

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