The best or worst day of your life

October 25, at 7: First I was really nervous. Until I walked onto the Flynn main-stage where I had seen so many different actors and actresses preform. There I met Judy the director.

The best or worst day of your life

My school days were not the greatest days of my life. I didn't like school, and I thought it didn't like me. I was convinced my teachers saw me as little more than a troubled, defiant kid from a council estate who might at best get a job in Woolworths if she ditched the attitude, vermilion hair dye and Dr Martens.

Hardly the most promising child where most of the pupils' fathers were vicars or police officers and their mums wafted in to parent-teacher meetings in a fug of Chanel No 5 and hairspray. My arrival at secondary school had not been easy. I wanted to learn, I wanted to achieve, yet somehow as a young teenager I never felt academically supported or confident in my abilities.

I had one false start at a local comprehensive, which, after the homely, cocoon-like nature of my primary school, knocked me for six.

The best or worst day of your life

I could not cope with the size of it, the eclectic mix of children and the manner of the teachers — so different from the warm, mother-like figures at my middle school. So I stopped going and missed almost a whole academic year. My parents didn't really understand my issues or why I constantly feigned illness and didn't want to leave the house each morning.

Being of a generation where school was just something you endured before going out to work — or, in the case of women, getting married and raising a family — they didn't make a huge deal out of my swinging the lead. Eventually I got back into the system and was offered a place at a smaller senior school.

This was better than the miserable comp, but still I felt like a square peg in a round hole and there followed four years of irregular attendance, a devil-may-care attitude and a burning desire to get my 16th birthday and GCSEs out of the way so I could leave for good. My own education — or perceived lack of it — has left me with an enormous chip on my shoulder and a determination that my son will not have any of the problems or issues at school that I had.

In September he will begin senior school — the years I considered the beginning of the end as far as my education and indeed, teenage happiness, went.

I have been dreading this time, my own memories of high school still raw and uncomfortable. By an odd coincidence, the same day I received my son's final report from primary school, my parents phoned to tell me they had found my final school report in the attic.

The mention of it made me feel strangely embarrassed. I hoped my parents had not re-read it. I asked them to throw it away. I was told not to be silly and, the following day, my mum gave it to me.

My son pounced on it, desperate to see what Mum was like at school. I snatched it off him and put it in my handbag, with my mum's "don't you dare put it in the bin!

I hadn't set eyes on that report since the day I brought it home.

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I knew there was a page missing — torn out by me because it said "this report contains 12 pages and should arrive home in a sealed envelope". Kelly's final school report It didn't arrive home in a sealed envelope. I had opened it, digested the contents and carefully torn out the frontispiece.

I recall sitting in the churchyard close to my house, buttocks clenched in rage against the cold stone step of the vestry door, reading every page, angry that teachers were allowed to dedicate their thoughts and opinions of me to paper.

To share those thoughts with my parents — they didn't know me! They didn't care what happened to me once I walked out of that building for the last time. How dare they sit in judgment and write platitudes and cliches, no doubt repeating the same stock phrases on every child's report?

I was full of rage and hatred against the "system", but I don't really know why. There had been some bullying at the first ill-fated senior school and I had always felt not quite good enough; not having a nice enough house or car or foreign holidays; for having older parents, and a much 12 years older sibling.Jan 26,  · Worst days were when I said goodbye to my mother and father for the last time.

They best day was today, because i felt less in despair than I did yesterday, and Im starting to see the light at the end of the tunnellStatus: Resolved. The Best Day the Worst Day presents a portrait of the inner moods of "the best marriage I know about," as Hall has written, against the stark medical emergency of Jane's leukemia, which ended her Reviews: Here are 51 life changing quotes that you won't want to miss from people like us who struggled to make a name for themselves to brighten your day.

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wake up each day thankful for your life. Things turn out best for people who make the best out of the way things turn out. Answer / malika. The worst day of my life was the day when when I lost my money.

WORST DAY - BEST DAY It was a bright, sunny afternoon in April and Robert Andrews was dashing home from school heading an imaginary football as he practised for the five-a-side game he and his mates were going to have that evening at the leisure centre. The Best Day of My Life. February 1, By JaySwag GOLD, Lindenwold, New Jersey. We try to make the best site it can be, and we take your feedback very seriously. Prompt: Write about the worst or best day in your life. "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was.

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By Diana Bruk. April 13, Share Tweet To discover more . “The worst situations in life teach us the best lessons.” ― Somya Kedia tags: best, lessons, life, situations, teach, worst. 2 likes. Like “He who helps you in your worst moment well deserves to be your best hero!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan tags: best, best-heros.

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