Rothko chapel thesis

Inat the request of the Menil Foundation ofHouston, Texas, Rothko created an environment in which his 14 monumentalpaintings played a central role. These paintings act as objects on which all visitors tothe Chapel, religious or non-religious could use for meditation. The life and work of Morton Feldman was very similar to that of MarkRothko. Both were of eastern European Jewish heritage; both were involved increating a new form of abstract art; and both were motivated to discover the mysteryof perception within art.

Rothko chapel thesis

In some pages there is nothing crossed and usually those pages when there is something in a continuity, you see many times I make my continuity later, which essentially is the way Tolstoy worked. I don't necessarily work in a continuity. These methods of working also play a large role in Feldman's decision making in relation to change and reiteration and are to be considered in the proceeding of the analysis.

Comparing the chord Rothko chapel thesis its attachment in measures to the next combination of the same instruments in measure one can see that there is an exact repetition of pitch components Ex. This repetition is, of course, varied in regard to duration The aspect of durational variation will be discussed, due to its importance, separately.

Pitch references to these chords are found in an intermissionary appearance by the vibraphone and viola in measures 31—33 Ex.


The next chord example using the same instrumental combination is found in measure This chord is also built on a modal cell and thus shows similarity to the previous chordal units in measures 11 and In all three of these chord-models, certain figural attachments follow these chords.

These attachments bring references to previous figural material and also act as objects to be later "negated".

Likewise this chord from measure 42 is repeated in measure 46 Ex. At this point in the piece the following observations can be made about the intervallic relationships within these three instruments.

These "remnants" are subsequently brought in to a process of variation, presenting another level of alienation from their original presence. Feldman described this process in a discussion with Walter Zimmerman, "Actually, now I just try to repeat the same chord.

Temporary Closure

I'm reiterating the same chord in inversions. I enjoyed that very much to keep the inversions alive in a sense where everything changes and nothing changes.

Rothko chapel thesis

Actually before I wanted my chords in a sense to be very different, as if to erase in one's memory what happened before. That's the way I would keep the time suspended You were very fresh in to the moment and you didn't related and now I 'm doing the same thing with this relation.

And I find it also very mysterious. This, in its six note form, presents a chord formation with a similar range to that of chord no. Amongst this intervallic variation Feldman seems to utilize the association of pitches as a structural element adjacent to the intervallic context.

In measure 63, the a-flat of the viola is presented first on its own, in the same way as in the following chords namely, as a harmonic Ex.Oct 03,  · Morton Feldman: Rothko Chapel / For Frank O'Hara / The King of Denmark Licensed to YouTube by SME (on behalf of Sony Classical); UMPI, and 3 Music Rights Societies.

The Rothko Chapel Essay Words | 9 Pages. works on canvas one of his final projects, the Rothko Chapel offered to him by Houston philanthropists John and Dominique de Menil, would ultimately anchor his name in the art world and in history.

The Rothko Chapel is a sacred space open to all, every day, to inspire people to action through art and contemplation, to nurture reverence for the highest aspirations of humanity, and /5().

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Find Your Zen at Rothko The Rothko Chapel is owned and directed by the Rothko Chapel Board, of which Dominique de Menil is president and Thompson L.

Shannon executive director. The chapel invited individuals and religious groups of all denominations, as well as non-believers, to use its facilities.

Diploma - Thesis in the Field of Music Composition (M.A.) Musikhochschule – Frankfurt am Main. Presented at the Third International Conference on Jewish Music in. London, UK () Introduction "Rothko Chapel " Morton Feldman composed "Rothko Chapel” as a tribute to his friend, the American painter, Mark Rothko.

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