Pete godfrey emotional ad-writing award

Many of the copywriters on this list have trained with AWAI and give credit to them for their progression as a copywriter. AWAI gather together the best of the best in the copywriting world to deliver their courses, again many of those who are on my list are among the AWAI experts They do live eventshave a collection of courses and have a 1st class blog My interview with AWAI co-founder Don Mahoney is on my blog. Update Don passed away in early

Pete godfrey emotional ad-writing award

The best way to get attention and build real connection with your audience is to make them feel. This click achieves this aim with elegant ease. It builds rapport, which leads to trust. Many folks go light on the trust. This is a mistake. This click… Calls out to your ideal prospects while repelling those not suitable for your offer… Instantly builds connection and trust… And taps into values you share with your prospects… so you build a deep rapport with your audience.

COPY CLICK 35 confronts your prospects and forces them to make a choice This is a ballsy kind of click to use…and should be used sparingly only when dealing with a tough sale.

However, when used correctly and to the right audience, this click often gets jaw-dropping results. As I said, handle with care. However, when the stakes are high and the sale is hard, this one works well even on the most apathetic and sceptical audience. They are distracted, caught up with their own worries, and they are itching to do something else especially online when they are just one click away from departing your presentation.

Because it compels your prospects to view your FULL presentation. The more people who stay to the end mean more sales for you. Click 41 achieves this purpose. Like a car crash where people just have to look, this click… STOPS your prospects in their tracks the minute they think of leaving… Breaks the spell of low attention spans and rivets their eyes to the screen… Creates an intimate conversation between you and your prospects.

This click compels your prospects to stick around until the end… so they get to see your FULL presentation.

pete godfrey emotional ad-writing award

This is such an easy and powerful way to learn. There are certain words and phrases that sabotage your sales. Cheat Sheet 1 solves this problem by revealing the 7 words and phrases to banish from your sales presentation. Get to see what this secret is and how to use it for maximum impact.

Here I give you the best 9… with plenty of examples to show you how. Here I give you 8 elements you can include to make more sales.

Knowing these 8 elements ensures you make the most of this opportunity to get more sales. In Cheat Sheet 5 I reveal what they are in list form. This is a book blurb back cover I wrote for well-known motivational speaker Pat Mesiti.

As Voted For By You…

The title of your book is critical, but so is the back cover. The back cover blurb is the ad for the book. And just like an advertisement, it must contain certain elements that will get attention, arouse interest, stimulate desire and then push for action that is buy the book.

In this Cheat Sheet you get it all. But many get their emails wrong. Here I give you a simple and proven template to follow so your next email sells.

As Voted For By You…

Make no mistake… this IS your Fast Track to more sales! Frankly, nothing could be easier! And just imagine how you will use this information. Take advantage of the info it contains, see how easy it is to use these clicks to make more sales, and put into practice any or all of the gems I reveal to boost your sales and productivity.

Use it all and use it well and take advantage of all the sales-boosting info. And if in the unlikely event you are disappointed in any way with your investment, just contact me within 30 days of purchasing for a full and immediate refund on your investment.Pete Godfrey, The Wizard of Words, from rebel without a clue to one of the most in demand and highest paid Copywriters and Sales Strategists in Australasia all with the .

Then simply email me at [email protected] and ask for the Emotional Ad Writing System. If enough people comment, I’ll give you this valuable resource free. Cheers! Pete Godfrey. Known as the “Wizard of Words”, Pete is the creator of the Sales Letter Writing Workshop and the Emotional Ad Writing System.

He also runs a blog. . Pete Godfrey Known as the “Wizard of Words”, Pete is the creator of the Sales Letter Writing Workshop and the Emotional Ad Writing System.

He also runs a blog. Discover the “Secret Weapon” to increasing your Sales and Profits by downloading the valuable report "The Ultimate Copywriting and Marketing Secret" While you're at it, follow Pete on Facebook Tagged as: emotional ad writing and marketing letter, headlines, persuasion power.

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