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Printable bunny masks Rabbit masks are perfect for Easter or spring. Choose from our pastel-colored bunny masks or go with the plain one if you wish to color it yourself.

Paper masks

Plot[ edit ] Mathew Harris is a porter working in a busy hospital in London. While playing his banjo in his bedroom, he dreams of bigger and better job opportunities, having been previously dropped out from studying biology. One evening, he witnesses a car accident beside a local pub, where the driver of a car is killed in a coalition with a lorry.

Harris Paper masks that the man, named Simon Hennessey, was a doctor at the hospital where he works, and had been applying for a residency at another hospital in Bristol. Harris takes the dead man's mail, fills out a job application, and applies for the job himself under the late doctor's identity.

After studying medical books and assisting and observing procedures at his hospital, Harris applies and is accepted. Before he leaves, he goes to the swimming pool where his friend Moran is.

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Explaining he has decided to travel abroad, he hands Moran his silver cigarette case as a gift. He quits his job and settles in Bristol where he, as Dr. Despite his lack of experience Harris completes his first few days without any major incident, however is questioned by his superior regarding the low standards of his patient record keeping.

She soon becomes smitten with Harris, helping him through his busy first days. Soon, both Taylor and Harris begin an affair, which complicates things. When a patient, who is also the wife of the chief medic, dies under Harris' care, he is charged with negligence. At his hearing, Taylor takes the blame for the incident, which gets her suspended.

Things take another turn when one day Harris unexpectedly meets Moran, who has decided to study as a nurse. When Harris takes Moran to a remote area and confides in him about his scam of impersonating a doctor, Moran takes it very badly and threatens to report Harris to the hospital authorities.

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Harris follows Moran and pushes him off a cliff, thus resorting to murder to keep his job. However, Moran survives the fall critically injured, but long enough to be brought into the hospital for treatment.

When trying to identify Moran, a nurse finds the silver cigarette case, which has Mathew Harris engraved in side and assumes that it is him. When Taylor finally figures out Harris' charade, after seeing the real Dr.

Simon Hennessey's gravestone in London, while visiting her recently deceased father's grave in the same cemetery. On doing so she confronts Harris, however he convinces her into identifying Moran as Matthew Harris, so he can be legally declared dead and continue his impersonation of Dr.

Taylor does so, and Harris is again free and clear. Due to growing negative views of him, Harris decides to transfer to another hospital in nearby Salisbury. He has however also agreed to stop pretending to be a doctor and move to London with Taylor. On setting off by car rather than continue to London where she is waiting, he takes the turn to Salisbury leaving her all night in front of the meal she had prepared for them both.

In the final scene we see Harris settles into his new job at another hospital.Shop sheet masks at Sephora. Explore our collection of sheet masks that hydrate, exfoliate and brighten skin for a smooth, glowing complexion.

Wildfire Smoke and Face Masks Wildfire smoke can irritate your eyes, nose, throat, and lungs.

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It can make you cough and wheeze, and can make it hard to breathe. If you have asthma or another lung disease, or heart disease, inhaling wildfire smoke can be especially harmful. Build your own Low-Poly animal masks using templates designed by Steve Wintercroft. Our masks are great for Halloween, fancy dress and even weddings.

Find great deals on eBay for halloween paper masks. Shop with confidence. Paper Mask Projects For Kids How You Can Make the Coolest Halloween Masks Out of Cheap Paper Plates.

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Paper masks

Masquerade Ball. With masks this easy to make, you can be whoever you want to this Halloween (and change your mind a hundred times before the big day!).

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