Newspaper term double truck

Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word Double truck. Double truck Double truck refers to a pair of facing pages, usually in a newspaper or magazine, with content that stretches over both pages. In most newspapers and magazines, the booklet-like format is accomplished by folding large sheets of paper in half. This allows the pages to be opened like a book.

Newspaper term double truck

This journalism dictionary is a work in progress.

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If you think of one I missed, leave a comment. Advance — A story about a future event. Also called a preview. Agate — Small type often used for statistical data on sports and stock pages.

All Caps — A word or sentence written in all capital letters. Advertorial — An advertisement in the form of an editorial piece, usually labelled as an advert. Angle — The approach or focus of a story. Also called the peg. AP — The abbreviation for the Associated Press.

Assignment — A job given to a journalist by an editor.

Newspaper term double truck

Background — Information given to a reporter to explain more about the situation and details of a story. Sometimes shortened to BG. Back Bench — Senior journalists on a newspaper. Banner — A type of headline stretching full width, usually at the top of a page. Also called a streamer.

Beat — The area or subject that a reporter regularly covers. Bias — A position that is slanted; a story showing nonobjective reporting. Blind Interview — An interview with an unnamed source. Blog — An online commentary or diary often written by individuals about hobbies or areas of specialist interest.

Newspaper term double truck

Also called a weblog. Blogger — A person who writes a blog. Blurb — Brief introduction to the writer, usually following the headline.

Box — Material enclosed, either completely or partially, by a printed rule. Breakout — An offset text box that gives the synopsis of the story, including key highlights of the story, or other information, such as a list of points that would not fit in the main article text.

Brief — A short story. Bud Line — A story proposal that is placed on a newspaper budget. It includes a slug line, a description of the story, byline, story length, deadline, available art and other graphics, etc.Description of truck configurations - first edition, September Page 5 of 12 The truck drawing above is an articulated unit with a single steer axle and tandem drive pulling a semi-trailer set with an additional B double trailer set.

Newport News news covering local news, Virginia and beyond from The Daily Press Delivery of the Daily Press newspaper was delayed in several areas Sunday due to weather. National truck. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson surprises stunt double with new truck - Tri-State News, Weather & Sports.

Short item or graphic image appearing in upper corners, usually on a cover page.

Jan 14,  · Double Truck – An ad or editorial project that covers two facing pages. If it prints across the gutter between the two pages, and if the pages are on the same sheet, rather than two adjacent sheets, it might be called a “true” double truck. Double Truck A large newspaper ad measurement that uses two facing full pages, including the gutter or fold.

The entire ad is treated as one unit and is traditionally the center spread of the section. a truck that spreads sand or salt on roads when they are covered with ice (US: salt truck, salt spreader) grotty disgusting, dirty, poor quality (originally from grotesque, .

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