Mysticism and hypnosis

Subscribe to the CompellingTruth. Should a Christian be involved with hypnosis? Hypnosis is a process by which critical thinking is diminished and internal visualization is greatly heightened.

Mysticism and hypnosis

The simple act of bowing heads and closing eyes made the entire flock just that little bit more suggestible and the ritual began.

It was the same this week as it was last Mysticism and hypnosis, shall be next week and the week after. It never occurred to anyone to question what it was about this custom that was so compelling. Perhaps it was the comforting familiarity of sitting in the same seats, in the same surroundings, among the same and going through the same uncomplicated motions that were the real addiction.

Nonetheless, none would dissent, Mysticism and hypnosis would stand out from the group, none would risk the opprobrium of their peers and none would gamble on the possibility of being singled out to be told they were wrong.

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Note that this chapter is headed Hypnosis in Religion and not Hypnosis and Religion because hypnosis and the techniques of hypnosis are so much a part of religious practice. While much of Europe and Asia is becoming less religious, America is becoming noticeably more religious. This is partly due to the political influence of the religious right.

In Britain, thirty seven percent of people think that David Beckham exerts more of an influence on their lives than God and I am very much afraid that this might be true. John Lennon once said that The Beatles were more famous than Jesus Christ, a remark which earned him the condemnation of many church groups, particularly in the United States where they are very sensitive about that sort of thing.

The power of belief is incredible. It inspires men to build pyramids and cathedrals, to murder their fellows and become martyrs. Religion can sometimes be a practical way of getting to grips with problems and in this respect, therapy and religion have a lot in common.

Many people are encouraged to believe in God by someone outside their immediate family. Religion and the existence of God are sociological and anthropological issues — the way in which an individual defines God has a direct bearing upon the usefulness of God to that individual.

Those who experience extreme religious feelings should know that their cognitive immune system is inactive. Interestingly, twenty nine percent of atheists sometimes pray. A more cynical approach would be to suggest that organised religion proposes particular occasions for prayer, whether those occasions are daily or limited to special festivals.

It is accepted by some religious authorities that quiet contemplation not to be confused with daydreaming is also prayer. We must be careful though to discriminate between commercialism and spiritualism. In other words, a lot of the time, prayer is merely a way of asking for something.

Away from church, therapy is also a way of asking for something — the difference is that instead of relying on God, therapy teaches us how to achieve our goals ourselves. Having a mentor, even a God, can also do a lot to help personal encouragement.

Certainly religious belief is very handy for keeping order in a dog eat dog world, particularly in primitive societies and belief often acts as a moral policeman.

In short, religion may be one of the dynamics that help to hold societies together. Worshipping God however does not have to be a collective experience, it can be, and often is done, in isolation, disconnected from more formal, organised prayer.

The overwhelming majority of people however, congregate to prayer, observing the same rituals and creeds. An example of this is the Ten Commandments. Injunctions against murder, theft, adultery etc. The natural progressions consequential from these religious rules are injunctions to pay taxes and submit to authority.

History is littered with wars of religious persecution, Spanish Inquisitions, Crusades, Holocausts and Jihads and these still happen today.

This is without doubt something that has been useful for the survival of certain groups, but it can also be a double edged sword. There are more modern-day and frankly, disturbing examples of this tribal behaviour. In the United Kingdom, the census showed that there had been an increase in the number of people describing themselves as Christian, but only in areas where there were large Moslem communities, such as Bradford, Oldham and Birmingham.

Certainly in areas of the world where religious groups are more extreme in the protection of their own particular ideals, we see extreme measures coming into force.

The best example of this behaviour is in the Middle East where the antagonism between Jews and Palestinians and their supporters has reverted to Old Testament proportions.Some Christians are concerned that by undergoing hypnosis they might be going against their faith. In order to help clarify the range of Christian viewpoints on hypnosis, we interviewed two experts about hypnosis and Christianity.


Neither one is affiliated in any way with The Hypnosis Network. An understanding of hypnosis, even the practice of hypnosis or a rational appreciation of the power of suggestion should not affect an individual’s religious beliefs in any way shape or form.

Religion is simply a matter of personal choice. Hypnosis and Mysticism have gone hand in hand for centuries, to the detriment of a useful psychological tool.

Perhaps now is the time to make Hypnosis respectable. Hypnosis and Mysticism have gone hand in hand for centuries, to the detriment of a useful psychological tool. Perhaps now is the time to make Hypnosis respectable.

Mysticism and hypnosis

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Hypnosis is a form of brainwashing, and can be used to similar effect. Improperly or maliciously done, it can alter memories and beliefs in a damaging way.

Another . Hypnosis and Mysticism have gone hand in hand for centuries, to the detriment of a useful psychological tool.

Perhaps now is the time to make Hypnosis respectable.

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