Lab report friction

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Lab report friction

After the Reynold number crosses the value means the laminar flow became the turbulent flow the friction losses decrease rapidly. This graphs show that there is a linear relation between the Reynold number and friction losses in every condition with difference in proportionality of the relation.

In laminar low relation is directly proportional means with increase in Reynold number friction losses increase and with decrease in Reynold number friction losses decrease.

In turbulent flow the relation is inversely proportional means with increase in Reynold number friction losses decrease and with decrease in Reynold number friction losses increase.

Friction losses during the flow of fluid in the pipe are due to the friction forces present between the fluid particles and between the pipe wall and fluid particles.

Green Mechanic: Laminar and Turbulent Pipe Flow Lab Report

This friction force uses some of the force present in the flowing fluid and due to this difference in the height of manometers present on the same pipe at some distance occurs.

These losses are directly related to the Reynold number.

Lab report friction

According to the graph made between friction forces and Reynold number. Experimental procedure has been shown above and in that procedure first step is to setup the apparatus for experiment.

Apr 15,  · I need lab report abt da coefficient of friction of wood & wood Lik a complete report, if u did 1 before please send me one. I have one due tomorrow, and was busy with other Resolved. Title: Coefficient of Friction Lab. (a) Can one usefully define a coefficient of friction for a given sole-flooring. Hence this experiment uses three different sizes . In conclusion to my report, static friction’s force will and should always be greater than that of Kinetic friction due to that more force is needed in exerting force to be able to move an object while that of Kinetic Friction, all it has to do is to5/5(2).

This step is the most important in procedure because if pipe is not fitted in perfect horizontal condition then some of fluid energy will be converted or obtained from potential energy of fluid because of difference in the heights of ends. If reading of the flowmeter or the manometer is not zero before the experiment starts then they will add or subtract some value from the original values of the experiment and that will make the complete experiment use less.

During the experiment the process of taking the reading from the manometer and flow meter is very important. Reading shall be take accurately and noted on time to avoid any type of confusion and error in readings Postado por.2 Friction Force Lab Abstract The purpose of this lab is to help better understand what friction is and how it affects an object’s movement close to the surface of the earth.

General Physics Lab 6: Friction

Lab Pro and Connections Dual-Range Force Sensor Masses Mass Hanger 10 cm length of string 34 Experiment 6: Coecients of Friction Advance Reading Text: Newton’s Laws, maximum static friction, kinetic friction, coecients of friction. Experiment 6: Coecients of Friction 37 It can be shown that when an object slides without.

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Lab 1 – Electrostatics: Charging Objects by Friction Name _____ Date _____ University*of*Virginia*Physics*Department* 2* Typically, the number of electrons equals the number of protons.

The outer electrons are located farthest from nucleus and are held more loosely than the rest. Lab 1 – Electrostatics: Charging Objects by Friction. It can be classified in to two categories, static friction and kinetic friction.

Lab report friction

These two frictional forces can have two different coefficient constants. The purpose of this experiment was to calculate the coefficient of kinetic friction, the coefficient of static friction, and to verify the relationship between, and the weight of an object%(38). Kinetic Friction Experiment #13 Joe Solution E Partner- Jane Answers PHY Lab Instructor- Nathaniel Franklin Wednesday, 11 AM-1 PM Lecture Instructor – Dr.

Jacobs Abstract The purpose of this experiment was to examine kinetic friction and what factors affect it.

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