Fulbright teacher exchange essay

How To Win A Fulbright: Fulbright fellowships fund individuals, not projects.

Fulbright teacher exchange essay

Verify if you are eligible. You must meet ALL the requirements listed below! If you have no problem with all of the above you qualify to file an application.

At the bottom of the first page Aii there are three little boxes: Approve, Disapprove and Abstain. Your strength as a candidate apparently lies in these 50 words. The biggest challenge at this point is to write a cohesive synopsis using only 50 words! Start with a free form letter, cover the important points: Reduce your essay in half.

Put it down and forget about it for a week.


Cut it down to 50 words and finalize your synopsis. The following pages ask for more information about yourself and your family, your school, and your school duties.

Then comes an essay to be written on no more than two additional pages. The essay choices are very simple - provide a narrative picture of yourself or describe your future career plans and goals. A poorly written essay kills your chances Fulbright teacher exchange essay so you MUST submit a solid piece if you want to win a Fulbright grant.

I worked and reworked my essays. I slimmed them down to nothing, threw them away and then rewrote them. The questions were so general and so open-ended that is was difficult to chose a point of view. I searched the Internet for samples from previous essays.

Fulbright teacher exchange essay

Should I inject humor, be serious, academic or worldly? Use your professional and personal experience, interests and the information you obtained through research, to determine why you want to go overseas.

All your written materials and later the interview must be in compliance with this idea.

While we have you...

Do not go if you have a secret agenda. If your real goal is different, be it travel, establishing business contacts, or preaching your religious or political views -- stay at home. You will save yourself from major disappointments.

Fulbright teacher exchange essay

As a teacher, you can either base your proposal on educational ideas or you can select a regional approach; or combine them. For example, if you teach reading at the elementary level, you can offer to share your methods and findings with elementary students in other English speaking countries.

The regional approach involves a specific cultural or linguistic group or region. For example, if you teach Political Science in High School and you have a professional interest in the government system of Japan and its relations with the US, build your proposal around this theme. Obviously, your choice of countries will be then limited to Japan.

A focused approach will give you a big advantage over those who beat about the bush. If you were to choose a candidate from several applicants, would you prefer the one who speaks only about HER preferences, HER interests, HER requirements over the one who shows some understanding of the purpose of the Fulbright program and familiarity with the country, culture and potential challenges?

If what you have written and what you plan to say at an interview revolves around your personal interests, hit the delete button and start all over. If you were a committee member, would you pick a candidate who treats her overseas assignment only as a travel experience that is supposed to enrich HER, or a person who views his Fulbright scholarship as a challenging mission to help others?

The problem with so many candidates is that they seem to be talking exclusively about themselves, forgetting that the spirit and nature of the Fulbright is helping others.

So, pick your country and prepare a convincing essay explaining why you want to go there. Make it clear why you will be an asset for both schools or why a teacher from that country should experience the United States. Explain the benefits of the exchange.

Show why it will be good for YOUR school and the people working here. There were only four country placements for teachers of elementary level English. As I teach in an immersion school, I chose to base my essays on the commonalities of the English language throughout the world.

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I’m a great teacher — and instead, write about those aspects of your life that have led to your essay (after many drafts), make sure you are writing as well as you can, and edit your Hints for Writing Fulbright Application Essays.

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