Final intro project

They worked, they acted, they organized, they rioted if necessary to bring their situation to the attention of people in power. Do, Say or Write. You must choose a category do, say or write as well as a format paper, presentation or creative option.

Final intro project

Students will design, plan, and implement a medium- to large-scale final project of their own choosing.

Final intro project

Overview During this course, you have learned a huge amount about computer science and programming in general, and SNAP in particular.

In this project, you will put all of that knowledge, along with some new skills you will develop around design, planning, and project management, to build a relatively large and complex application that you choose.

You can create almost anything you want and should ultimately produce a project that is interesting, useful, and challenging.

The Manhattan Project: A New and Secret World of Human Experimentation

Details Project Phases This project will be significantly larger in scope than any of your previous assignments, so there will be more design and planning than before. More importantly, though, rather than be given a well-defined specification, YOU will be setting the requirements for your project by coming up with an idea, fleshing out the details, and defining the steps necessary to complete your Final intro project.

To help you through this process, there will be several steps to this project. You must complete all of the steps in order for your project to be successful.

In fact, half of your grade will be based not on Final intro project well your program works, but on how well you completed the design and planning process.

The phases of the project will be: Brainstorming - coming up with as many possible project ideas as you can Pitching - choosing a few ideas and developing a short description of what the project will entail Review - getting feedback from your peers and instructors on your pitches and choosing one Scenario Definition - listing out the features the project will need and what they will look like Wireframing - drawing simple sketches of what the various "screens" in your program will look like Specification - fleshing out all the specifics of how the project will work Scheduling - listing the programming tasks necessary to complete your project and estimating how long each will take Development - writing the code for your project by following the spec and schedule created in the previous steps Progress Tracking In phase vi, you will complete a Final Project Plan Organizer and in phase vii you will complete a Final Project Development Plan.

These documents will be your guides in the development phase and will help you stay on track and aware of your progress. Throughout the development phase of the project, you will be expected to keep your spec and plan up-to-date and make adjustments as you get ahead or behind, as requirements change, or as tasks or features get reprioritized.

At the end of each coding day, your spec and plan documents should be updated to reflect the current state of your project, and you will check in with an instructor at least once a week to make sure things are on track.

Introduction: The Manhattan Project: A New and Secret World of Human Experimentation

Complexity and Creativity Your final project should be sufficiently complex and large-scale to push your limits as a programmer, but not so sophisticated that you are not able to complete it in the time allotted.

The complexity in your project should come from the design and the algorithms and not from the code. That is, you cannot meet the complexity requirement simply by writing a lot of code. Your code must be challenging or interesting in some meaningful way. In addition, you should not add complexity by introducing peripheral elements, such as graphics or sound effects.

Your program can certainly have these, but they will not be considered in determining the projects complexity. In addition, one of the main goals of this project is to allow you to unleash your creativity and allow you to create something of interest to you.

To achieve this, your project must show some level of creativity or personalization that makes it your own.

Simply creating your own version of some existing application will not fully meet this requirement.

Final Project—Intro to Theatre. In this class, you have learned about different aspects of theatre and producing a play. It is now time to take what you have learned and put it into practice. Culture Day Lesson A: Video/Reading. Culture Day Lesson B: Student Research. Powered by GitBook. For the final presentation, you will turn in the code for your code and a description of your project. You will also give a presentation to the class. Grade breakdown: 20% proposal, 30% midpoint, 50% final presentation (which is 70% project/code and 30% presentation).

For both the complexity and creativity requirements, you should talk to the instructors early and often to ensure your project is in line with our expectations. Documentation and Style As with all previous projects, your program must be well-written, well-documented, and readable.

Writing code with good style is always a good idea, but in a project of this size and scope, following style guidelines will help you keep your thoughts organized and make it easier to keep track of your progress, pick up where you left off each day, and find and fix bugs. In particular, though this is certainly not a comprehensive list, pay attention to the following: The course staff will work with you to set up a schedule for these checkpoints, but it is your responsibility to ensure that the meetings take place.Here is the best resource for homework help with INT Introduction to International Business at Southern New Hampshire University.

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Final intro project

Find Study Resources. Main Menu; Final Project - Checkpoint Submission Intro to International business (34 Documents) INT - INTERNATIONAL. Sep 21,  · Project X Soundtrack - The XX Intro. Project X Soundtrack - The XX Intro Project X - It's Alright To Be Me - Duration: Cole´s Memories (Final Movie Film We Are Your Friends).

- Duration. For the final presentation, you will turn in the code for your code and a description of your project. You will also give a presentation to the class.

Grade breakdown: 20% proposal, 30% midpoint, 50% final presentation (which is 70% project/code and 30% presentation). Docs Courses CS Intro Final Project Final project In this unit, we will be reviewing the concepts we covered in the previous weeks, and providing some ideas for an independent final project that students can focus on in the next several weeks.

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About the Final Project (for Teachers) The final project is a chance for students to use all the skills they have been learning throughout the semester.

Students are asked to create a series of code examples that can be used in the Minecraft world. Here is the best resource for homework help with MKT INTRO TO MARKETING at Southern New Hampshire University. Find MKT study guides, notes, and. Find Study Resources. Main Menu; by School; by Subject; MKT Final Project Part I Final 4 pages.

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