Course notes operations management

The professor, a very personable German native from the University of Pennsylvania, conducted weekly lectures from his university office. I viewed them, at my convenience, from the comfort of my laptop. The professor spent an appropriate amount of time on each concept, was upbeat in his delivery, and shared interesting anecdotes.

Course notes operations management

The course focuses on the relation of systems and technologies to the strategic direction for manufacturing operations and the function of operations planning. This course will equip you with the skills to analyse and apply the essential principles of business logistics.

You will develop systematic and critical thinking skills to evaluate logistics and supply chain operations processes. This course provides you with a capstone experience, which will give you the opportunity to integrate, critically reflect on and consolidate what you have learnt in your program.

Identify and evaluate the processes, tools and principles of operations management to better understand the logistics and supply chain operations. Explain and evaluate the quality processes in manufacturing and service sector to improve the operational performance.

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Identify future challenges and directions that relate to operations management to effectively and efficiently respond to market changes. Identify the processes needed to develop a new product from identifying the customer needs to delivering the final product Apply the tasks, tools and underlying principles of operations management in the manufacturing and service sectors to improve organizational performance.

Course notes operations management

Overview of Learning Activities In this course you will be encouraged to be an active learner. Your learning will be supported through various in-class and online activities comprising individual and group work. These may include quizzes; assignments; prescribed readings; sourcing, researching and analysing specific information; solving problems; conducting presentations; producing written work and collaborating with peers on set tasks or projects.

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In addition to topic notes; assessment details and a study schedule you may also be provided with links to relevant online information; readings; audio and video clips and communication tools to facilitate collaboration with your peers and to share information.

Overview of Assessment The assessment tasks, their weighting and the course learning outcomes to which they are aligned are as follows:Don't show me this again. Welcome! This is one of over 2, courses on OCW.

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Course notes operations management

Course Outline: What You Will Cover. There are certain skills you need to manage a retail outlet. Our Retail Management course is designed in conjunction with major retailers and helps you learn the skills you need quickly and conveniently.

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Connect with over 1 million global project management peers and experts through live events, learning seminars and online community. Course level: PCOLM | Practitioner Certificate Course. Overview of Oracle License Management Course (classroom course and online on-demand course) Oracle software products are among the world's most powerful and complex.

Online homework and grading tools for instructors and students that reinforce student learning through practice and instant feedback. Operations Management Prof. Natalie Privett PADM-GP 3 PREREQUISITES • CORE-GP Managing Public Service Organizations (MPSO) This is a core course and the gateway to the broader management curriculum.

Flight Operations Management | Airline Operations Control (AOC) Training | Jeppesen