Comm 315 myplace the place for diversity multimedia analysis

You are a leader in a global organization and have been asked to make a presentation to the Board of Directors about the importance of a diversity-conscious organization. For Online and Directed Study stud. This training should include some hands-on activities for the class or concrete examples from which the class will be able to learn.

Comm 315 myplace the place for diversity multimedia analysis

Past and Present The road your Christmas tree traveled from the land to your home is probably much different from what you imagine. Christmas trees, as evergreens brought indoors, may have originated from the northern European celebration of the winter solstice.

The needles should be moist and not break when bent with fingers. Store your tree out of direct sunlight and away from drafts. Immediately before the tree is brought inside, make a half-inch fresh cut from the trunk and place it in water.

Use a Christmas tree stand that holds a gallon of water. Check the stand every day for water and keep it full. Never allow the reservoir to become dry.

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Keep your tree away from a direct heat source. Miniature light bulbs are better than large bulbs because they generate less heat. An evergreen holds its leaves--or needles--for more than one year, so green leaves continue to grow while the oldest leaves die and fall away.

According to legend, northern Europeans used evergreens in their Christmas celebrations as early as the eighth century AD. People used conifers, needle-leafed trees, most commonly, but broadleaf evergreens became holiday symbols in regions where conifers were rare-like holly in England.

Today, the tradition of the Christmas, or holiday tree, can be found in most areas of the world. Until recently, most Christmas trees were cut from local forests. A long trek through the woods to find a good tree was a common rural tradition. Christmas trees also have been harvested as thinnings from young, planted forests.

However, "wild" trees tend to grow irregularly, and even in planted forests only a small fraction of trees may develop into the shape most people consider good for a Christmas tree. Today, most holiday trees are grown as a specialized crop on farmland.

Christmas tree farmers plant particular strains of trees for attractive foliage or other special features.

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For good quality trees, weeds, insect pests and diseases must be controlled, and the trees must be sheared for several years to yield a high number of trees with the desired form. It usually takes 7 to 12 years of care to grow a good 7-foot Christmas tree in New York; some trees may take longer.

Comm 315 myplace the place for diversity multimedia analysis

Balsam Fir Growing Christmas trees can be a good part-time business or hobby for owners of suitable land, if the grower can provide the skilled care required. Many more trees are planted than are harvested as Christmas trees. Christmas trees increasingly are grown, like other commercial products, as a business to allow tree prices to compete in interstate and international markets, especially in sales to large urban areas.

As with other agricultural produce, an advantage of buying from local Christmas tree farms may be less a price savings than the opportunity to honor older traditions by having closer contact with the growth and harvest of your tree. Among the longer-needled pine species, the most common is Scots pine, native to many areas of Europe; less common is the white pine, native to New York.

The common shorter-needled species include Douglas-fir from various regions of western North America, white spruce from northern U. Douglas Fir People choose a Christmas tree species depending on tradition and individual taste. Each species has a distinctive appearance and fragrance, and some people prefer a tree densely sheared to a conical shape, while others prefer a looser, more natural form.

Species vary in their normal retention of needles after cutting. Most spruce and true firs tend to drop some of their older needles after cutting, while pines tend to hold their older needles well.

But all cut Christmas trees in a healthy, fresh condition should hold their outer, current-year needles well. For trees harvested some distance from the market, "freshness" depends on their care after harvest.

At temperatures above freezing, a fresh tree should have flexible needles and the distinctive fragrance of the species. It is harder to determine the freshness of trees when outdoor temperatures are below freezing, so the reputation of the seller is important.

When brought inside, a Christmas tree should readily take up water and transpire it through its leaves. It is important to keep the tree watered at all times because a fresh, well-watered tree will not burn easily.See what Susan Heiery (heiery) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas.

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Dec 31,  · Comparison of student's satisfaction on school food service environment by the eating place and gender. The classroom group showed higher satisfaction than cafeteria group in cases of quantity, diversity of types of soup, dessert, and the cost of school meal.

( students in boys' school, in girls' school) and were. I understand we are required to complete an internship-can I use my work experience or do it at my place of employment? The internship is intended to provide students with a professional experience in the field that broadens their current experience and their network of professional contacts.

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Comm 315 myplace the place for diversity multimedia analysis
COMM Week 1 The Place for Diversity Multimedia Analysis (UOP)