Best email marketing case studies

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Best email marketing case studies

Posted on December 13, by Tim Bourquin When it comes to email marketing strategies for your business, what do you currently have planned for ? Have you given any thought to your email marketing campaigns? If not, you should.

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Email marketing is still an important aspect of your business marketing strategy. But have you thought about how you are going about this? Do you think your email campaigns need a little tweaking?

Ninja Outreacha company, dedicated to helping companies focus on their email marketing strategy, created this list of some of the best email case studies of So go to their site and check them out for a closer look. Case Study The people at Vero, a SaaS email marketing product, decided to see what effects they would get from sending out four different email marketing emails.

The four emails were uniquely different and had the following variations: Emails surrounding customer onboarding An educational course Random offers and updates Their general idea in sending so many different types of emails was to focus the different emails on different topics and purposes to see if it made any difference in the responses.

They discovered that the first two emails, the emails surrounding customer onboarding and regular blog updates, were fairly successful. But the latter two 3 and 4 were not. The educational course was an extra offering that subscribers could take if they were interested to further their skills in an area of interest and the last one focused on random ads about various other products.

The overall result was even worse. The factor that changed though was that they decided to send our more emails, not less. This is interesting because it seems to challenge a basis idea that people have about emails.

If you were trying to sell something in a store and you dangled a product in front of 5 customers, you might get one sale. But if you dangle products, this total would increase dramatically.

The same is true of email sales letters.

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Though you have to send more emails, you are still sending them to the same group, but with more offers. Therefore, the more you email, the more you sell.

Best email marketing case studies

Read the whole study here. Blog Tyrant In the Blog Tyrant study, they decided to create a lot of hype about launching their blog when they first decided to put it out there.

They created a nice-looking and engaging introductory sales letter that introduced the blog and spoke directly to the fashion audience. It was a fashion blog. They spoke directly to their needs and how visiting this new blog was going to make a difference to their company or their fashion needs.

A 17, subscriber rate after that one email! In retrospect, the company, Blog Tyrant, says they owe their success to the following factors: But they also pooled their resources and used their tools to find their target audience as well.

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Trigger-based Email Marketing The eMarketeer crew decided to test out an email campaign to see how trigger-based email marketing worked. Trigger-based emails are emails that are triggered by a specific action that a customer or visitor takes on your site.

They are based on automated emails so you would want to have an automated responder set up ahead of time. But when a customer does some action preferably your call-to-actionit triggers an email being sent to them immediately after that, before they have a change to forget about your website and your brand.

The key to making it work is similar to that of affiliate marketing or any other automatic system you set up online. You need to figure out what works and then repeat it. There is always follow-up. In this case study, they had four basic types of trigger-response emails:In this email marketing success story, we shared how we generated $+ in just 4 days with the right planning and right marketing structure.

Read this case study if you want to make money with email marketing.

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By putting your company’s marketing materials and sales collateral (like case studies, white papers and one-sheeters) in DocSend, you’ll finally get data on how your content is being used by Sales and your team will understand how content engages and influences prospects during your company’s sales cycle.

Email case studies to your marketing lists. Success stories are a great addition to your e-newsletters and other email communications. Add case studies to your e-newsletters and other email . That’s one reason why this LinkedIn Marketing Solutions case study featuring HubSpot is so engrossing, it’s not just about a simple win with a new ad platform, it’s the story of one of the best companies in marketing adopting a new channel that quickly became one of its best sources of leads.

Send case studies to your email subscribers. These emails achieve high engagement both as broadcasts, and as “drip emails” within an autoresponder sequence. Create a print booklet of case studies to send to prospects and clients via snail mail or distribute at trade shows.

Email was used this year as a key part of marketing campaigns to bolster and drive ecommerce practices and to drive qualified leads.

With relevancy and dedicated content focused on continuing customer conversations, marketers were able to build lasting relationships. Read the nine most popular case studies from this year to see how marketers from both B2B and B2C companies best utilized email.

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